Any comments on running Java w/in UML? And the threading support?

I'm running debian (sarge) w/ the UML patches against 2.4.26 kernel.  SKAs support is on the host system.

Works OK, with the following things to note:
 - Threads..
     There's a thread-limit utility out there which runs until it cannot create any more threads on the system (based on

     On the host system,  this utility hits about 1500 threads (which is acceptable)
     On the uml system, this utility hits about 900 threads, and the response is significantly slow
 - Java..
      Trying to run a java app (resin from within the uml, fails with a segfault (the uml dies and a seg fault message is listed on the host box). It's Sun J2SDK v1.4.2 (04)

There have been occassions where the uml 'seems' to pause (while executing the thread-limit for example).

If you guys could point me in the right direction... maybe there's a patch I'm missing or a library i need to update...


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