The only clean way I have known to shutdown each VM is to issue
the shutdown within the actual xterm of the virtual machine.
Then I only type "shutdown -h now".
It seems that shutdown outside of the virtual machine is documented
as an unclean method.
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Sent: Monday, June 16, 2003 2:48 PM
Subject: [uml-user] Clean shutdown of UML

Hi List,
Whats the prefered way to shut a UML down cleanly? If you issue halt through mconsole it pretty much means killing the machine.
The cad feature allows it to reboot like you've pressed ctrl-alt-delete, though it has to be assigned by the UML in inittab, which can behave different on several occations depending on the UMLs' setup. The admins of UML's should not have to change this, I think, since it's more a host situation. The powerfail feature that is also set in inittab maybe IS a feature that is suitable, but can that one be called by the host?
Or maybe there's a better alternative to the mconsole 'halt' that I should've known about?
Thanks so much for all the help.
Met vriendelijke groeten,

Erik de Bruijn
PS. I'm looking into the feedback from my other question, I'll update you soon.