Host System

2.6.13-rc6, fedora 4.


Host/guest Kernel


No Uml Patch


Will get the following message:, How can I fix it?



[root@localhost umlbuild]# ./linux-uml-2.6.13-rc6 ubd0=./root-fs/gentoo-fs  mem=64M con=pty con0=fd:0,fd:1

Checking for /proc/mm...not found

Checking for the skas3 patch in the host...not found

UML running in SKAS0 mode

Checking PROT_EXEC mmap in /tmp...OK

Linux version 2.6.13-rc6 (cliffton@localhost.localdomain) (gcc version 4.0.0 20050519 (Red Hat 4.0.0-8)) #1 Sat Aug 27 17:30:56 PDT 2005

Built 1 zonelists

Kernel command line: ubd0=./root-fs/gentoo-fs mem=64M con=pty con0=fd:0,fd:1 root=98:0

PID hash table entries: 512 (order: 9, 8192 bytes)

Dentry cache hash table entries: 16384 (order: 4, 65536 bytes)

Inode-cache hash table entries: 8192 (order: 3, 32768 bytes)

Memory: 61952k available

Mount-cache hash table entries: 512

Checking for host processor cmov support...Yes

Checking for host processor xmm support...No

Checking that ptrace can change system call numbers...OK

Checking syscall emulation patch for ptrace...missing

Checking that host ptys support output SIGIO...Yes

Checking that host ptys support SIGIO on close...No, enabling workaround

Checking for /dev/anon on the host...Not available (open failed with errno 2)

NET: Registered protocol family 16

mconsole (version 2) initialized on /root/.uml/2ydaeq/mconsole

ubd: Synchronous mode

VFS: Disk quotas dquot_6.5.1

Dquot-cache hash table entries: 1024 (order 0, 4096 bytes)

io scheduler noop registered

io scheduler anticipatory registered

io scheduler deadline registered

io scheduler cfq registered

NET: Registered protocol family 2

IP route cache hash table entries: 1024 (order: 0, 4096 bytes)

TCP established hash table entries: 4096 (order: 3, 32768 bytes)

TCP bind hash table entries: 4096 (order: 2, 16384 bytes)

TCP: Hash tables configured (established 4096 bind 4096)

TCP reno registered

TCP bic registered

NET: Registered protocol family 1

NET: Registered protocol family 17

Initialized stdio console driver

Console initialized on /dev/tty0

Initializing software serial port version 1

 ubda: unknown partition table

ReiserFS: ubda: found reiserfs format "3.6" with standard journal

ReiserFS: ubda: using ordered data mode

ReiserFS: ubda: journal params: device ubda, size 8192, journal first block 18, max trans len 1024, max batch 900, max commit age 30, max trans age 30

ReiserFS: ubda: checking transaction log (ubda)

ReiserFS: ubda: Using r5 hash to sort names

VFS: Mounted root (reiserfs filesystem) readonly.

Warning: unable to open an initial console.

Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found.  Try passing init= option to kernel.


EIP: 0073:[<ffffe410>] CPU: 0 Not tainted ESP: 007b:b7e12f8c EFLAGS: 00000246

    Not tainted

EAX: 00000000 EBX: 00003515 ECX: 00000013 EDX: 00003515

ESI: 00003514 EDI: 00000011 EBP: b7e12fb8 DS: 007b ES: 007b

08947b40:  [<0806e7bd>] show_regs+0xd1/0xd8

08947b60:  [<0805d4bf>] panic_exit+0x27/0x48

08947b90:  [<0807f36a>] notifier_call_chain+0x1e/0x40

08947bc0:  [<08072329>] panic+0x59/0x108

08947bf0:  [<08056390>] init+0xe0/0x104

08947c20:  [<0805918f>] run_kernel_thread+0x2f/0x3c

08947ce0:  [<0805f078>] new_thread_handler+0x8c/0xbc

08947d20:  [<ffffe420>] _etext+0xf7e5c406/0x0