Thx for the interesting idea of mounting a Host mountpoint within a VM. Might work in special situations but I can immediately anticipate problems between distros and even distro versions because of

- init scripts may or may not exist
- degree of systemd integration. Something as simple as a systemd shutdown will point to the shutdown target unit instead of init scripts.
- virtual and actual directories supporting systemd. Although systemd encourages default locations, it also supports virtual directories if distros continue to use their own locations. Commands may or may not describe paths sufficiently.
- Debian uses Upstart which does things its own way, so SysV and systemd components won't likely work.

Would be so much easier if the fs included a complete set of basic functionality specific to that fs.


On Feb 4, 2013 7:05 PM, "Lakshmipathi.G" <> wrote:
Hi Tony -
Did something like 'init 0' works ?

Sometime back,I faced few problems after shutdown with 'init 0'  file system became read-only !
more info here :

FOSS Programmer.

On Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 3:15 AM, Tony Su <> wrote:
Now that I recently was able to boot some UML VMs, I quickly ran into
the problem that the fs I am using from <all> seem
to be missing some fairly standard executables like /sbin/shutdown.

So, am wondering how to best shutdown a VM missing "shutdown," should
it and others like PING be retrieved from the distro's repo?


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