Is it possible to configure an iSCSI initiator inside a UML guest?

I have a UML guest running debian/stable (the host is also running debian/stable). I need to configure an iSCSI initiator (client) inside the guest. I've installed the open-iscsi debian package. Now I need to recompile my UML kernel to enable iSCSI initiator support. I've successfully recompiled my UML kernel to include ACL support, so I am familiar with that process. However when I run the command `ARCH=um make menuconfig`, the normal Device Drivers menu is inaccessible, which prevents me from enabling any of the SCSI modules. If I manually add CONFIG_SCSI, CONFIG_ISCSI_TCP, and CONFIG_BLK_SD to my .config, then run `ARCH=um make menuconfig`, the symbols I added manually are removed. This leads me to believe that iSCSI is simply not available inside UML. On the other hand, I found slides online[1][2] that indicate that it is possible to use iSCSI from a UML guest.

I suppose that I can configure the iSCSI initiator on my UML host and then let the UML guest access it via a ubd# argument. In instincts make me think that extra level of indirection will slow down storage access considerably.

[2] (same slides, convertted to Google Docs)