Hi all,

Puzzled and need some help.

I downloaded the stock linux-, and
tried to make ARCH=um on RedHat's Enterprise Linux 4 update 2.  And the output segfaults immediately.

My procedures are as follows:
1) cd linux-
2) make menuconfig ARCH=um
    2a) enable CONFIG_HOST_2G_2G, or
    2b) disable CONFIG_HOST_2G_2G
    and accept all other defaults.
3) make linux ARCH=um
4) ./linux --> immediate segfault (for both config 2a and 2b)

My RHEL4 update 2 is running kernel-2.6.9-22.EL.

I tried many many other prebuilt binaries from various
sites.  Most of them fail.  What should I do to make it work?