hi there, this is my first post at uml list.
I been playing with uml for a short while. and I have a few questions and comments.
for eacjh point i will post a separated email.
so first point.
Merging cow files:
Background: I built a new filesystem running uml_builder_gui. ( afterwards i had to build my own command line to boot, cause ./control did not work, i  may write another email on this point.)
afterwards I used a cow file, made some changes that later though that where worthy to merge at the original filesystem so my cow files from now on would be smaller and therefore save space at my hdd.
running ls -lsh shows the size of the files and the real size on disk. My original root_fs was 1.8 GB but 500MB on disk, my cow file was 200MG on disk.
Action: i run then uml_moo <cow file> <new fs>
Now after running uml_cow the new filesystem is 1.8GB and "1.8GB on disk". Even do it is true that my new cow files will be smaller, i was specting an smaller grow on the root_fs.
can someone explan me the situation and if there is anyway to shrink the new filesystem?


Meir Michanie

Jerusalem college of Engineering

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