Hi. I am doing some experiment on mconsole driver. My wish is to create a new user process from mconsole driver, modifying its address space, changing its file mapping... Eventually may be I can migrate a process from host or between UML instances. I am a newbie to both kernel and UML, and I have several questions on implementation:

1. create a new process from a kernel thread. It seems that mconsole uses a work queque, and requests are processed at kevents thread. Right now what I am doing is, creating a new kernel thread and letting it call sys_ececve(). I then find its task_struct by looking for its name and its parent. It seems stupid and maybe not correct. Is there any better way to do this?

2. I need to manipulate the process' address space (memory segments, file mappings) like what flush_old_exec() and do_mmap() are doing. I cannot find a way to call those functions since I am in a kernel thread, and it seems too complicated by working directly on page tables and memory. How can this be done in a convenient way?

Weiming Liu