Can someone give me their UML config file for 2.6.24 or above kernel? I hope to compile my module for kernel that is built with this config.


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On Wed, May 07, 2008 at 11:57:22PM -0700, K D wrote:
> Coming to my problem. I'm developing a kernel module and I hate to
> reboot my host OS everytime there is any issue in module. I'm hoping
> UML would help me here.  When I load my module in host OS, it
> loads/unloads without any issue. However, when I try to load this in
> UML I get:
> 1. vermagic: "blah blah" should be "blah blah x yz". Invalid format
> I circumvented above issue by commenting out this vermagic check in
> kernel/module.c and rebuilding UML. Now it gets past above error but
> I'm getting a kernel panic in mm/slab.c.

Perhaps this means the check you circumvented was there for a reason.

No, you can't stuff x86 modules into a UML, any more than you can
stuff 32-bit modules into a x86_64 kernel.  You need to compile UML
modules in a UML tree.


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