Hi Guys,
Am a newbie to linux and UML.I have installed UML(mandrake) in my linux system. And I started UML from my host linux system using the command:
    ./linux ubd0=root_fs eth0=tuntap,,, debug
I get the gdb xterm and another one for uml.
I have written a basic character ram disk driver( which writes n read one byte of ram).This .c is in  /root/raj/chardev/ directory in uml and I stored it as chardriver.c and compiled it with proper kernel flags to get chardriver.o
This chardriver.o is in uml now.
Then I insmoded it and it got loaded.
When I typed print *module_list in gdb, it said chardriver is loaded.
then i typed:
printf "0x%08x", (int)module_list + module_list->size_of_struct
it gave me 0xa307b060
but when i asked gdb to add the symbols by:
add-symbol-file /root/raj/chardev/chardriver.o 0xa307b060
adding symbol tabel from file "chardriver.o" at .text_addr = 0xa307b060 (y or n)  yes
to which it replied 
chardriver.o: No such file or directory
how to proceed ? kindly help me out.