I want the UML to send data out the host's serial port so the UML process can setup a ppp session to something connected to the hosts serial port. --not talk to the host.

I know I can run pppd on the host and give the UML a network connect to it, but I don't want to do the connect that way.  I want as much of the processing as possible to be in a jailed UML.

I gather that I can give the UML the /dev/ttyS0 connection to the serial port and have the UML pppd connect to ss1, etc.


Thanks.  At 05:58 PM 6/14/2007, Jeff Dike wrote:
On Thu, Jun 14, 2007 at 11:08:16AM -0700, Mark wrote:
> My question is I've looked around, but don't understand why (page
> 54) says that UML doesn't support PPP. Is pppd the problem and can I
> just use something like slirp?   (I did find a debian package with UML
> and slirp).

You're looking for a mechanism to exchange packets with the host, not
asking about ppp support within UML?

ppp isn't supported because no one ever wrote it.  Slirp is basically
the last choice for when nothing else will work, and ppp might be
right down there with it.  TUN/TAP is the mechanism of choice.


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