Hi, I am an escaped prisoner from M$.  I found Wubi Ubuntu and downloaded it to my XP 64bit machine and it works fine.  Mainly I wanted to get the e17 desktop that is supposedly included, but it is not and I have spend wasted days going through the ubuntu forums and ubuntu "help"(??) trying all the various "fixes" to add e17 to 9.04, none of them, not a one, work.

So, I discovered Zero Install and have added it to my 9.04 installation and indeed it shows up under Applications.

Problem:  I want to install Run Linux inside Linux and was able to download the 64 bit kernal, then disaster, each next step you list, comes up with an error message.  To uncompress 64bit, error.
And all additional commands listed, thereafter, each comes up with error. 

How do I get through this mess?  I find this a lot with linux (and I suppose why so many people give up on linux) none of the instructions on how to do something work.  Most instructions presume a basic knowledge of linux code/commands and a new guy, like myself, is totally lost.

Can you provide me, easy to follow, step by step instruction (up to date as the Zero Install was listed at their site as having a bug in 9.04) by some kind of email/link so I can get the Install Linux inside linux as I want to try other distros and especially the elusive Enlightenment/e17.  Judging by the amount of forum space taken up over this issue (installation of e17) mine must not be a one only occurrance but something many are experiencing, again, why make it so hard for us who wish to escape M$ to transition to linux?

Thanks in anticipation of a solution and in advance, John Vincent