Greetings all,


     I’m  very new to UML, but not new to Linux itself.  I’ve stumbled into a need for UML, and decided to give it a spin.  I’ve done a lot of reading, and experimenting.  I’ve compiled my own kernel, and bootstrapped a debian system.


I’ve currently got a usable and booted debian system.   I did some networking bridging, but I can’t figure out, nor find documentation on exactly what I am trying to accomplish.


On my host, eth1 is plugged into a tagged VLAN network.

I need to get all those VLANs accessible inside my guest OS.  I figured I had to do this one of two ways:


1)      Create a bridge for each interface (, eth1.yyy, eth1.zzz)

2)      Create a bridge for eth1, and build the tagged interface in the guest OS.



Neither method has seemed to work.  Can anyone drop me some documentation or guidance on how I can accomplish this?