Troubles with using strace for debugging within an UML environment...
I want to debug a software package (mainly written in java) by using strace.
On a real HW this packages works fine, but not when using it in UML environment;-(
Also using strace on a "real" environment (hardware) is possible without any problems.
In the UML environment using strace works fine only in the beginning of debugging.
After a short time strace blocks and in the following step the whole UML-system hangs.

There is on memory lack on the host system and also on the UML system (using top).

Is there any restricition using strace within UML? Known problems?
Any other tools for debugging (java, c, c++) within UML, apart from using jdb?

Some environment parameters:
* UML-startup-command: linux ubd0=fs_sw.fs ubd1=512MB.swap mem=256M eth0=tuntap,,,
* UML-Kernel-Info: Linux uml 2.4.20-8um #3 SMP Tue Jan 20 15:32:31 CET 2004 i686 unknown
* Host-Kernel-Info: Linux host 2.4.18-5 #1 Mon Jun 10 15:38:12 EDT 2002 i686 unknown
* Host-Info: CPU Pentium III, 850MHz, 256MB RAM

Thanks in advance!
Best regards,