Thanks DB, I'll give that a try...
Ben Evans

On 1/27/06, D. Bahi <> wrote:

frank evans wrote:
> I patched linux-2.4.28 with the uml patch 2.4.27-1, did the configs,
> make, etc.  If I make linux on one host, running Fedora Core 3, with a
> gcc3.4.2 everything works fine.  If I make linux on a different host,
> running Fedora Core 4, with a gcc 4.0.0, I get a bunch of compile
> warnings about  conflicting signage, and so forth.  I wonder what
> might be causing this.  I would not have thought there would be that
> much difference between the gcc's.

you can find patches for gcc 4.0 support in the 2.4 kernel series here:

i've used them briefly for 2.4 based UML on FC4 with gcc 4.0.1 IIRC.