Hi UML Friends,
I have a particular situation I am trying to test using UML, but am having a problem...
1)  I want to set up a test of Static Multicast Routing using UML.  The idea is to have one UML instance running SMCRoute to implement a Static Multicast Router.  Input to that UML would be over eth0, with Multicast Group packets being routed out eth1 and eth2.
2)  There would be a UML instance that would source packets to the Multicast Router UML by sending packets to the MR UML's eth0 address.
3)  There would be a couple of UML instances that would recieve Multicast Group packets.  One of these instances would recieve packets from the MR UML's eth1 and the other instance would receive packets from MR UML's eth2.
4)  I was planning on using uml_switch to interface between the UMLs.
5)  I built a kernel using linux-2.4.28 patched with uml-patch-2.4.27-1.  I have been successful in running this build using both Debian and Slackware filesystems.
PROBLEM:  The way smcroute works, it establishes a daemon to handle MR requests and set up the routing tables.  Part of that code necessarily sets up a UDP socket, and then sets an optioin on that socket for MRT_INIT.  This causes an error with errno 92 "MRT_INIT failed. Protocol not available."
I have run smcroute on other linux builds, mainly Fedora Core 3 and 4, and have no problems, yet with UML, I have the problem.  Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be, and where I can start looking to get past this problem.
Thank you very much for any comments you may have.
Best Regards,
Ben Evans