I am having problems setting up my serial line.




rh7.2-client rootfilesystem obtained from Bill Stearns homepage at www.stearns.org

"Network not configured"



I want to setup my sslx to use the host /dev/ttyS0. I have a null modem running between

my host /dev/ttyS0 and /dev/ttyS1. I have written a simple program to verify that the loopback

between my two serial ports works fine so there is no cabling issue. What I am trying to do is

verify that my UML /dev/ttys/0 gets mapped to the underlying HOST /dev/ttyS0 and I haven't

had no success doing that. I've also tried


Command Line Options Used Without Any success:

1)       ./linux ubd0=root_fs_cow ssl0=tty:/dev/ttyS0

a) echo "Hello" >/dev/ttys/0 puts out the string "Hello" on the same console instead of putting it out to

    /dev/ttys/0 and eventually to /dev/ttyS0 on the host.


b) I have a short program called irda.c(scroll below) that puts out anything typed on stdin out to the device

    specified on the command line.

    ./irda /dev/ttys/0 115200. Puts out everything again back to the same console.


2)       ./linux ubd0=root_fs_cow ssl3=tty:/dev/ttyS0


a)       echo "Hello" >/dev/ttys/3. This opens up a virtual console #3 and puts out the string "Hello"

b)       ./irda /dev/ttys/3 115200.  Open up a virtal console#3 and puts it out to on it.


Any pointers help is more than appreciated.


Thank you for your time