Has anyone seen this before?


  1. I do an “lsof  | wc” on my host and get about 2.3K files (normal for a workstation)
  2. I startup UML .  In my UML instance and get 2.8K (again normal)
  3. When I do an lsof on the host again I get 24K files.
  4. My uml is running hostfs and it looks like it is opening all the right files but just opening them multiple times.  For example one my libraries  is libalp_flightmodeui.so
    1. On the UML instance:


# lsof | grep libalp_flightmodeui.so

bar:com.a 1040      com.access.statusbarmgr.2  mem       REG       0,12    57193    6734127 /opt/alp/lib/libalp_flightmodeui.so


    1. On the host (the host does not open libalp_flightmode ui for any reason other than UML)


svdmoffattlnx:~$ lsof  | grep  /libalp_flightmodeui.so

alp-linux 12572      david  352r      REG        8,7     57193  6734127 /home/scratchbox/users/david/targets/alp-x86-dbg-dev/opt/alp/lib/libalp_flightmodeui.so

alp-linux 12582      david  352r      REG        8,7     57193  6734127 /home/scratchbox/users/david/targets/alp-x86-dbg-dev/opt/alp/lib/libalp_flightmodeui.so

[repeats removed]


    1. Also on the host

svdmoffattlnx:~$ lsof  | grep  /libalp_flightmodeui.so | wc

     59     531    9440



The only thing that I am doing odd is I don’t use the SKAS patches. 


--Thanks for any ideas


David Moffatt