Boaz Harrosh wrote: wrote:

 I've compiled an UML kernel based on 2.6.25 but loading kernel modules 
seems to be broken. No matter which module I try to load the output 
looks similar to this:

 overflow in relocation type 11 val 80836d41
'loop' likely not compiled with -mcmodel=kernel

After searching for a while I found some threads from 2006 discussing 
this issue, e.g.:

As Andi Kleen has mentioned in a mail from the first thread, simply 
appending "-mcmodel=kernel" to the KBUILD_CFLAGS does not work (I tried 
it anyway and can confirm his statement ;)

Since I could not find any solution I've decided to write this mail and 
ask about the current state of this issue and of course for a solution! 
I simply don't want to believe that there is no loadable module support 
for UML in 2008...



Every thing is fine down here. What host Kernel-gcc-glibc / uml-gcc-glibc
are you using?

I'm using out-of-tree modules with uml for every kernel since 2.6.19.
I have both Host and UML as x86_64 on FC7 with gcc 4.1.2


I'm glad to here that the bug has been fixed. Anyway, it does not work with my configuration:

 - CentOS 5.1 as host system and UML root fs
 - Kernel (vanilla, but config taken from the CentOS kernel)
 - GCC 4.1.2
 - GLIBC 2.5