I saw similar picture on evermotion. Tree entourage by xFrog, a snowy hillside from an example file on the internet, sky effect built into C4D, building from an ArchiCAD training file I use at the aBPa office in San Diego. No more "backlights", "underlights", etc!
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U r master of photorealistic rendering.
However, u did first class job, u could print the photo and say it was taken by a real camera, everyone would belive that! It it time to slow down and create some examples of workflow issues, speed tests realistic rendering techniques. Once again I ask for help from other C4D users who can post examples, please jump right in - the water is fine and with a little MAXON soap you get a squeaky clean render.
If you can get your entourage into practically any export format, chances are C4D will be able to import it.
The problem here is the rendering time.
jpg Description:brac Filesize: 81. Looks like it's underwater! I am able to create fly throughs for small projects.
That tool isn't very good unless you know the precise heights of adjacent points that help the routine do its magic stuff. There are two shortcomings though - Max is VERY difficult to learn and VRay is even more difficult! Still comes up as "No free disk space" and it is unable to render.
Make the context photo ripple to emulate glass irregularity.