We know you feel terrible about what happened.
Dawn will hatch and glow on the horizon.
Never will I forget the face of one of my close friends who sat across from me, laughing his overweight butt off at my absolute terror.
How anyone could do such a thing. People I know seem to believe that the heart of humanity is basically good.
I try and tell myself that the good I can do is done by finding what things make me happy, making myself a better man and thus affecting people around me positively. But you gotta keep making that foward progress, brother.
Thank you for calling and thank you for choosing Dell. Oh, I was thankful for him last night, no doubt. Coincidentally, nothing happened with said cutie.
I nearly shat my pants for her and a little girl screaming from me sent her packing. Yet he keeps his own personality in the works, being less fantastic with the crescendos and a little more subtle with the lows.
People tend to bring out the jackets.
This will be immediately made known to me and henceforth corrected by some Michigander who happens by here. How they choose to organize the information, what font to use, etc. But what I love more than information is personality. I was thinking more on the Amish. It ran better this morning than it has since I got it. When we bend morality to suit every whim, we end up killing each other in the name of ourselves. And the answer: for everyone else. Whoever the hell Chingy is.
Or occasionally just sitting there with my headphones on, listening to music. But the first time I went to the Eagle, I wondered what the hell happened. state of Pennsylvania.
I hope I can see it again some day soon. And yet what was the first thing I did when I saw the ice? In the South, you just get a bit of drop in the temp and purty trees. And the misery of it all just kind of washed away. Do they make plasma televisions that small? You can hear things better. I like printed pages versus ones on a screen. But, at the time, I was mortified to be not only feeling that kind of fear, but being bellowed at for it by my friend not thirty feet in front of me. I am in the evacuation shelter now, brickabrack and various animals fly by the boarded windows.
Prey which happened to be a rat weighing in, I swear, at a pound and a half.
The place where I live has casement windows, the largest width of the opening being a skimpy nineteen inches.
Jesus TOTALLY Took My Call, Man!