The root_fs, I am using for uml, does not contain gcc.
     Is it possible to compile a program using host machine's gcc and libraries?
     If yes, how can I do it?


Henrik Nordstrom wrote:
On Mon, 17 May 2004, Joe Marzot wrote:

A little more data on this one - the behaviour I see with these mounts 
is that

mount -t hostfs none /mnt/mybob -o /view/myview/vob/myvob

succeeds but mounts the hosts / dir instead of the desired view extended 
pathname of the ClearCase vob.

This is a known bug in 2.4.24-2. A patch can be found in the archives or 
from http://marasystems.com/download/uml/

If you need hostfs then you should probably stick to 2.4.24-1 for the time
being. Jeff is doing some heavy restructuring of the uml host file access
methods while adding the humfs and as a result of this the hostfs support
has become very unstable while the combined supporting framework for humfs
and hostfs is taking shape. Hopefully this will soon result in a much 
better hostfs than before, but at the moment things is a bit shaky..


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