Hi there,

We have a new RedHat 9  and an old HP2100M that works fine in Windows (dual-boot system).  The printer is not a network printer.  It is directly connected to the parallel port of our Dell computer.

The first thing I did was go to the HP website and downloaded their two drivers: pxlmono.ppd and Postscript.ppd.  Their instructions said to put these PPD files in /usr/share/cups/model.

When I use Systems Settings/Printer to install the HP I use this sequence:
I have no idea what's going on.  Do I have to put the downloaded drivers someplace else so I will be able to select one.  But doesn't RedHat already have default drivers for both pxlmono and postscript.

Probably there is something simple in the human interface I am doing wrong.

Any wisdom you can shine on this issue will be appreciated,
Tomás Taylor