Great and welcome to your come back!
Don't hesitate if you want help to debug umusb! I can "beta" test it!


johan verrept wrote:
Jeff Dike wrote:
jbsay@free.fr said:
Or can i find a umusb newer version?
That's it.  There is nothing newer.

Your best bet is to port it up to the 2.4.18 UML and then use it for

Actually there is something newer... it just never got into a postable state.

I returned this week from 4 months of volunteer work in Nepal. Having no new job yet, I have lots of
time. I will 'finish' umusb.
I am porting it upto 2.4.18, finding that a lot of things are broken. Not looking at the code for
almost half a year doesn't help much...
One of the things I find troublesome is that wait_ms(10) during host controller init seems to hang
everything... it never returns from schedule().
Ke garne? (What to do?)

I will post a new version as soon as I get something working.