Hi folks,

> I compiled a 2.4.10-4 patched kernel on a 2.4.8 machine with default .config file.
> When I try:
> ./linux ubd0=root_fs_tomrtbt_1.7.205 devfs=nomount
> the boot process hangs after INIT: version 2.60 booting
> If I remove the devfs=nomount statement it goes ok but I cannot login (which
> is normal since > tomrtbt is supposed to be run with devfs=nomount to be able
> to login)

In my quest to install SuSE 7.2, I've had the exact same problem, today. It turned out that my /dev from the CD-ROM was empty. All I had to do was to copy over the /dev from my running system (using tar of course) and the problem was gone.

How do I get my installation procedure to recognize the ubds that I've set up, though? Through mounting devfs to a seperate directory (/devices) and the use of some mean softlinks I was able to make it accept my CD-ROM drive. This doesn't work though for partitions. Since in addition, there seem to be some /proc entries missing I have no chance of choosing a hard drive to install on. Any ideas (No, the SuSE 6.3 installation from the download section does not work for me. Also, I have something easier in mind. I'll gladly post a complete HOWTO when I'm done. That is if I can get it to work ;-) )?


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