Hello Jeff Dike,

I find from the UML website that the UML can access the host PCI device accessing with VPCI patch, but it seem that that VPCI patch is too old. Do you know that latest information about the VPCI patch? Is it stable? And where could I find the patch?

From the below mail you say that you are trying to emulate the DMA using iomem. How about the latest information of it?  And does it worked or not?

Re: [uml-user] PCI & DMA
From: P. Thambi <uml_linux@ya...> - 2003-10-06 23:02
    --- Jeff Dike <jdike@ad...> wrote:
> uml_linux@ya... said:
> > Is there any other ways to emulate the PCI & DMA
> in uml other than
> > using iomems?
> There's Jon Smirl's VPCI patch for PCI. I don't
> know what you can do for
> DMA since any addresses that UML knows about will be
> virtual ones, and DMA
> has to be to physical addresses.

I looked at VPCI but it for actual PCI device access
in the x86 I believe. Yes DMA access needs using
physical address. But I am trying to emulate the DMA
using iomem. so I that I can some how map(emulate) the
register access/virtual->physical address in iomem
memory. I know to emulate the entire PPC processor is
a big task. But I dont have any other option because
hardware is little behind.