I am using KVM for the obsolete machines, I have an old RHEL3 (kernel 2.4) inside fedora 10 and 11.
I use UML much more, but only when host and guest are both recent.
You can have a look at http://clownix.net where you can have plug-and-play UML or KVM
machines networks.
If you have the installation CDs for your 2.4 machine, you can make a KVM machine in less than
one hour.

Is anyone running a 2.4 UML kernel on a 2.6 host system?
If so I'll like to know what stack of tools you used.

I'm trying to replicate a Debian 3.0 woody system on a
Debian 5.0 lenny system.

I have used the Debian 5.0 uml-utilities and user-mode-linux
packages with gcc-3.4 to build a UML linux- kernel.

uml-utilities                        20070815-1.1
user-mode-linux                      2.6.26-1um-2+16    
user-mode-linux-doc                  20060501-1  
gcc-3.4                              3.4.6-9  

KILLED, Is all I get.

Be well,

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