Iam using 2.4.26 linux source and patch it with uml-patch-2.4.26-3 patch.
I have built the uml binary with ipv6 support and my host has ipv6 module loaded.
The telnet client and daemon are IPV6 supported on the Host machine. Iam able to telnet on the localhost with ipv6 address.
For example to telnet on localhost with loopback address ( ::1 ) , it works fine.
Now Im running uml on this host (RedHat 9) with command as follows:
./linux ubd0=guest1.diff,root_fs con=port:9001 con0=fd:0,fd:1 umid=guest1 mem=32m
Now when i try to telnet on UML with following command :
telnet 9001, it works fine
But if I telnet with :
telnet ::1 9001
it gives message connection refused.
Can anyone throw some light on it why this is happening???
Thanks and Best Regards,
Adil Mujeeb