I'm unable to get the swap file working with uml (2.6.13-bs2).
I created a 512Mb file using dd and formatted it using 'mkswap ./swap'.
I start uml with the command:
vmlinux mem=128m ubd0d=root_fs.fc4 ubd1d=swap eth0=tuntap,,,
I've got 8 devices under /dev/ubd and only /dev/ubd/0 seems to be working
and used for the root partition.
I see the following messages during the boot:
[42949373.340000]  ubda: unknown partition table
[42949373.340000]  ubdb: unknown partition table
Enabling swap space:  swapon: /dev/ubd/1: No such device or address [FAILED]

Any idea?


Etay Meiri