I have been experiencing some performance problems with my UML setup.
I had six guests running. The performance was very good immediately after the boot. However, if I leave them running for an hour or so, they all become very sluggish. Response to my typing in the virtual consoles became very slow. I didn't have any heavy-duty applications running either on the host or the guests. In fact, the guests had been idling most of the time.
My HW is a Dell Precision 380 with Pentium-D dual-core processors, 1 GB RAM and a single 80GB SATA HD. The host is 2.6.9 with SKAS patches and SMP enabled. The six guests are all 2.6.9 with bs7 patches. Each guest has its own root FS, swap file and temp files. The system monitor showed usage of both CPUs was less than 10%, and there were plenty of free RAM.
I've had great difficulties in getting 2.6.11 or newer host running with my HW, so I am stuck with 2.6.9. I haven't seen anybody else reporting this problem. Could anybody please help?

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