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> 1) Configuring an eth0 device
>     specify eth0 on the command line:
>     eth0=tuntap,,,
> Inside the uml I put the command above.

Would it be any clearer if it said to put the eth=... on the UML command line
on the host?


The answer is "yes".

I found a solution:

To become easier I renamed the Fedora... to root_fs.

I had to put the parameter rw because Fedora was only readable.
Before the rw, the boot was very slow.

I installed slirp in the host.
apt-get install slirp

To run root_fs:
./linux-2.6.16 rw eth0=slirp,,/usr/bin/slirp

I put only the commands inside uml:
ifconfig eth0 up
route add default dev eth0

To test, I put the command:
wget -c ftp.gnu.org/gnu/bash/bash-3.0.tar.gz

[root@localhost ~]# ls

Now I can see that is very easy!