I have been trying to debug guest uml (2.6.16 patched with uml-2.6.16-bs2.patch) by setting breakpoints at start_kernel() but while running under host kernel (2.6.16.-skas3-v9-pre9) , it ignores the breakpoints and boots to login prompt.

On the other  hand, when i ran the debug session on my FC5 desktop (2.6.15-1.2054_FC5),  it stopped at the "start_kernel()" breakpoint. I understand it now runs in tt mode instead of skas mode.

Is there any way to make it break at "start_kernel()" under skas3 patched kernel (2.6.16-skas3-v9-pre9) ? I have read suggestions to add "pause()" but is there any other alternative ?

I tried 2.6.12 -- but the host kernel patched with uml-2.6.12-bs11.patch.bz2 went into kernel panic mode on booting. Should i try 2.6.17 ??

Any suggestions ?


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