hi all
im new to linux and started using UML. Some basic queries from my side
1. UML is run as process, is there difference betweeen other normal linux processes? is it a higher priority process?
2. When UML boots, it does the same things as a linux kernel booting steps. But what devices it initializes during this process? It is a process so how it does these things?
3. What changes makes it a linux OS to linux process? what changes makes it a process?
4. Is there abstraction like kernel and process inside a UML which is itself a process? how?
5. How system calls & interrupts are managed in UML?
6. UML is a process so it has process address space. Is it further divided into kernel address space and user address space in which other process can be run in UML or other processes uses host user address space ?

Is there any documents abt internals of UML?

Plz reply me back ..thanks in advance