Hey everyone, first off I'd like to thank everyone on the list. Its been of great help to me!
I've been using screen to start my UML's on boot using this command:
"screen -S umltest -d -m ./linux tty_logging_fd=3 3>tty_log"
The UML boots and runs in the background just fine. There's only one thing that has me puzzled. TTY logging does not work when run that way.
If I enter the screen first (screen -S umltest), then run "./linux tty_logging_fd=3 3>tty_log" and manually detach from the screen (control-A d) tty logging DOES work.
Unfortunately, I cannot script this. :(
Its important that I start my UMLs on boot, and keep the ability to use tty logging. I'd like to keep using screen to run my UMLs on boot, as other options from this list do not work for me.(Things that involve con=null don't work with tty logging either)
Any help would be greatly apprecaited!!!

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