Hi everyone,
A little question on the above mentioned switch. What value should I be putting for this? What is this value exaclty?
I've tried using 3 and UML boots fine, but no logging is done. The file is created, but contains nothing. 2 gives me a segfault. 1, however, works!
If I use 1 for the tty_log_fd= value, it appears that the UML doesn't boot. The UML command is run, but UML appears to hang (I don't see UML booting). If I check the log file though I can see that the UML is booting and running just fine.
Is this behaviour normal? Or should I see UML booting after I run it?
./linux2_6_1 ubd0=root_fs tty_log_fd=1 1>tty_log
After this command, nothing is displyed at all, yet the UML boots fine, and everything is logged.

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