Please help me if some has setup virtual bridging & routing between UMLs. I'm using root_fs_slack8.1 as root filesystem, which I had downloaded from uml downloads page.
My host system is RH.9.0.

Kumar S <ps2kumar@yahoo.com> wrote:
I'm planning to setup a virtual network between UMLs as follows. I need some information on creating more ethernet interfaces in UML process.
   +-------- bridge1----------+
   |                               |
   |                               |
   |eth0                   eth0|
   |                               |
uml1 --------bridge2------- uml2
       eth1               eth1
I have configured bridge1 and and bridge2, and associated dummy interfaces (uml1-con0, uml2-con0 and uml1-con1, uml2-con2) to respective bridges in host.
Here is my bridge configuration:
brctl addbr bridge1
brctl setfd bridge1 1
brctl sethello bridge2 1
brctl stp bridge1off
ifconfig bridge1 netmask up

tunctl -u root -t uml1-con0
tunctl -u root -t uml2-con0
ifconfig uml1-con0 promisc up
ifconfig uml2-con0 promisc up

brctl addif bridge1 uml1-con0
brctl addif bridge1 uml2-con0
brctl addbr bridge2
brctl setfd bridge2 1
brctl sethello bridge2 1
brctl stp bridge2 off
ifconfig bridge2 netmask up

tunctl -u root -t uml1-con1
tunctl -u root -t uml2-con1
ifconfig uml1-con1 promisc up
ifconfig uml2-con1 promisc up

brctl addif bridge2 uml1-con1
brctl addif bridge2 uml2-con1
I have started the UMLs as specified under:
linux \
        umid=uml1 \
        ubd0= root_fs \
        con0=fd:0,fd:1 con=xterm \
        eth0=tuntap,uml1-con0,00:00:00:00:00:01, \
linux \
        umid=uml2 \
        ubd0= root_fs \
        con0=fd:0,fd:1 con=xterm \
        eth0=tuntap,uml2-con0,00:00:00:00:00:02, \
With the above configuration I'm able to ping bridge from both the UMLs and also able to ping eth0 interfaces of each UML from other UML.
For creating the second network ( I need one more interface on both the UMLs which is not available.
"ifconfig -a" on uml shows only eth0, lo0 and dummy0. It doesn't show eth1 though I specified during startup. Am I missing some thign here?
Do I need to create them in UML before configuring bridging in host or they will get created while starting the UML?
Thanks in advance.

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