There is a tool in which you drag-drop a machine and it appears as a
circle (sorry not a rectangle).
You can configure to have more or less interfaces and have uml or kvm
The circle represents a machine and has a name and its interfaces are
smaller circles in the big circle representing the machine.
You can then drag-drop small circle representing lan(s) and with clicks
you can connect the machine interfaces then ping between interfaces.

dia does not manage virtual machines, cloonix does!

have a look at

On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 09:49:20PM -0400, lanas wrote:
>   Is there around a simple diagramming app that would allow naming of
> objects such as rectangles and saving them in XML ?  The idea would be
> to use such an app to draw several UMLs and their eth ports, connected
> to each other, and then to parse the XML to automatically create the
> needed command lines to reporduce the diagram's networking and UMLs.

dia - not sure about saving as XML, but it can save in a whole lot of
other formats.


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