I currently have a Red Hat 9.0 server running the 2.4.20-8bigmem kernel provided by Red Hat.  I can run a non-SKAS enabled UML instance just fine but I need SKAS to be enabled.  I have tried to patch the host kernel source with the host-skas3.patch and I receive multiple .rej files.  I try to manually patch the code in and once I take a look at the process.c.rej file I discover that I cannot manually patch the code in because the previous code that the patch is looking for is no where to be found in the file.  I have tested the patching process on all of the Red Hat 2.4.20 kernels and none of them will patch properly.  I have successfully gotten the patch to work on the 2.4.19 and the 2.4.20 kernel from but I cannot use those kernels, problems with them running on the hardware that we use, ie. Dell.  Has anyone successfully gotten the SKAS patch to function on a Red Hat built kernel?



Joe Bardgett
480-505-8800 ext. 403