Sooo, does no one really know the answer to this one?
I've some clever ways of using environment variables to save myself a few command line args, but that is more of a klugde that an actual solution...
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From: Eric Shorkey
Sent: Sunday, July 25, 2004 5:05 AM
Subject: [uml-user] 12 argument limit

I remember reading somewhere on the uml website about a 12 argument limit to the uml kernel (but root=<blah> is inferred if you don't specify yourself, so you really only get 11). I'm curious as to where that limit comes from. Is it a limit of the linux kernel itself, or the uml patch?
I looked at the linux documentation project for a long while, and only found a reference to the 11 argument limit on keywords to the kernel. Nothing about a 12 keyword maximum.
So really, if this limit is imposed by uml, is anyone anticipating a fix anytime soon? Or is there just no demand for it?