I am a newbie to UML.

I am trying to understand UML reading the how-to, docs & going through the archive for few days now.


I have 2 questions to ask.


1)      Unable to understand the ubd & its, if any, relation with disk partitions.

2)      I already have installed RH7.3 & RH9.0 on my pc along with Fedora core1. I have complied UML on kernel 2.4.26 successfully on Fedora core1.  Now I want to use my 7.3 & 9.0 distro to test things simultaneously. How can I do that? Fedora has hda1, hda10, hda11 ;  7.3 has hda2, hda12, hda13  while 9.0 is on hda3, hda14, hda15. On single boot up they all are using swap at hda9.


Could anyone guide me on the above please?