eth0: kernel Panic

  • Barton L. Phillips

    trying to get UML to run. Downloaded rh-package-2.4.2.tar.bz2 and the redhat7big filesystem. Host is RedHat7. When I run ./run_linux I get the following error after most stuff has loaded:
    Entering non-interactive startup
    Setting network parameters:  [  OK  ]
    Bringing up interface lo:  [  OK  ]
    Bringing up interface eth0:  Kernel panic: uml_net_open: failed(-107)

    What am I doing wrong?

    • Jeff Dike

      Jeff Dike - 2001-03-22

      This sort of stuff will get better responses on one of the mailing lists.  Not too many people keep track of these forums.

      What version does the kernel say it is?  I changed that from a panic to a printk quite a while ago.

      In any case, you don't have the eth tools installed and running.  You can get the source from /tools/net in CVS. The rpm will also
      install them.


      • Barton L. Phillips

        That helps. Why aren't the web tools part of the rh package. It seems that that would make it a bit easier if everything were together. I fiddled around quite a while and wasted time trying to figure this out. I did finally download the RPM and install it which did have the file I needed. Maybe at least a comment in a README?

    • Jeff Dike

      Jeff Dike - 2001-03-22

      The packaging is in transition.  The RH package
      is going to go away.  The tools can't really go
      there because they're just going to get dumped
      in the current directory, and it can't install
      anything setuid like rpm can.


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