Problem with a device driver

  • Rainer Burgstaller

    hi i am trying to run a driver under UML. It compiles under linux2.4.0 test5 without a hitch. But when I try to load it under UML I get the following errors:

    unresolved symbol sys_open
    unresolved symbol read
    unresolved symbol lseek
    unresolved symbol irq_stat

    Anyone could help?

    - Rainer Burgstaller

    • Jeff Dike

      Jeff Dike - 2000-08-08

      Just put an EXPORT_SYMBOL in for each of them (probably somewhere in arch/um/kernel).

      I'll export read, lseek, and irq_stat in my sources.  I'm not going to export sys_open because you're not supposed to do that.  Can you find out where that reference is coming from?  I'm surprised that it works on a native kernel.  I don't think UML calls sys_open anywhere.



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