what is the password of root filesystem?

  • Chengkai LI

    Chengkai LI - 2001-03-12

    I am using root_fs_redhat_7.0_big.bz2 as the root filesystem when I compile and patch the kernel to run uml. After I boot uml, I can not login because I do not know the password for root and user.
    No such problem with debian package.

    • Pandu Rao

      Pandu Rao - 2001-05-17

      Here's what I did to solve the problem:

      I booted uml linux in the single user mode as follows:
      /usr/bin/linux s

      Then I changed the root password using the passwd command.

      Then I halted uml linux using the halt command.

      Then I started /usr/bin/linux in multi-user mode.

    • Ned Ludd

      Ned Ludd - 2001-10-06

      Another way to deal with the uml in the eairly stages is mount the root_fs, this is also how I got the modules loaded.

      su -
      mkdir -p /mnt/uml  ; # any mount point
      cd /usr/src/uml      ; # or your path to uml
      mount -t ext2 -o loop root_fs /mnt /uml
      chroot /mnt/uml /bin/bash --login
      passwd root
      umount /mnt/uml


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