gfdsa - 2003-06-03


i just found this message, and it appears that im looking for the same thing.
I have a bunch of 1cpu PIII boxes, loaded 0.1-0.3 mostly, and i'd like to
start uml-based hosting on them using openmosix.
Unfortuanally i dont understand too much in memory therms, but i understand
that there is no exsisting solution.
I'd be glad to help in finding one, does anybody have clues?

>I am trying to load-balance a UML-instance in a hardware openMosix
> cluster.
> Perhaps somebody did this before or has some ideas about it ?
> Below I have copied my thread from the openMosix-List.
> Hope I don't get burned for the idea ;-)
> Any comments are welcome :)

> Thanks,
>   Sven