Resource temporarily unavailable

  • Datorexpert

    Datorexpert - 2007-01-10

    We try to copy a file from one disk to another disk but the copying doesn´t finish successfully!
    VMware ESX 3

    dd if=VIP2V_2-flat.vmdk of=/vmfs/volumes/SanDisk1/abbac/abbac-flat.vmdk bs=2048
    dd: writing `/vmfs/volumes/SanDisk1/abbac-flat.vmdk': Resource temporarily unavailable
    693634+0 records in
    693633+0 records out

    What is the problem?

    • Danny Staple

      Danny Staple - 2007-02-24

      Did you try an "lsof | grep abbac-flat" to ensure nothing has it open? Also do you have the required permissions on the SanDisk1/abbac1 directory to create the file?

      Finally, do you definitely have enough available space on the destination device?


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