#32 Uml fill /tmp of the host


It look like that Uml fill /tmp with deleted files !?

lsof =>
linux-2.4 17286 jetto 3u REG
3,2 0 8358 /tmp/vm_file-sJzNKo (deleted)
linux-2.4 17286 jetto 4u REG 3,2
1359873 8350 /tmp/vm_file-siZivT (deleted)
linux-2.4 17286 jetto 5u REG 3,2
102401 8356 /tmp/vm_file-CqSgaI (deleted)
linux-2.4 17286 jetto 6u REG 3,2
286721 8357 /tmp/vm_file-kiM5Ny (deleted)
linux-2.4 17286 jetto 7u REG 3,2
67108865 8359 /tmp/vm_file-OpnVte (deleted)

So after a while my root filsystem is full.

I'm not that it's those files that fill my filesystem,
but I'm sure that du and df give more and more
different result.

I also notice that disk space is only release when
consol window are closed (?). That's very strage isn't
it ?


  • Jeff Dike

    Jeff Dike - 2002-03-01
    • assigned_to: nobody --> jdike
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Jeff Dike

    Jeff Dike - 2002-03-01

    Logged In: YES

    This hsa been fixed. The bug was that the temporary files
    weren't being
    closed on exec, which is how UML reboots. So, after several
    the files from the old sessions were still open and on disk.


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