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  • Andrés Vigil

    Andrés Vigil - 2010-09-21


    I am working in a small project where I use this software.
    Now I am trying to send some commands from my program to the USE console. I am working in a C# programm, and I am not able to do that. Is it possible, for example, to send any parameter when I create the process executin the "use.bat" file?

    And the second thing where I need help is that I would like to know if there is any possibility to redirect the output of USE to a log file for example, becouse I would like to process the USE results in my programm.

    I hope you can help me.

    Best regards,
    Andrés Vigil

  • Lars Hamann

    Lars Hamann - 2010-09-23

    Hi Andrés,

    ist is possible to call the batch file with arguments. Call use.bat .h to get the whole options.

    USE has no option for a log file. We use pipe operators for regression tests to write to files. Another option may be to redirect the output of the instanciated proccess in your C# program. Maybe this could also work for the input to USE.



  • Lars Hamann

    Lars Hamann - 2010-09-23

    It is use.bat -h


  • Andrés Vigil

    Andrés Vigil - 2010-09-23


    thank you so much. I had tried to redirect the output, but I had some problems. Now I have fixed them.
    And calling use.bat -h helped me so much also.
    Now I am working as I wanted. I am working in a project that could be interesting for you and for more people that use your system USE. When I have some good thinks to publicate, I would like to share in this foro the link to the webpage of my project.

    Best regards,


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