How to Build "usbsnoop.sys" & "usbsnpys.sys"

  • Anonymous - 2004-06-11

    How do you do. I am very glad to meet with SnoopyPro which is wonderful software!

    By the way, although I downloaded the source code in order to customize it, I don't know
    the method of build of the driver ("usbsnoop.sys", "usbsnpys.sys") .

    Speaking of the build method of a driver, I know only that prepare a "sources" file, then run
    "build.exe" utility which is included in Windows DDK.
    However, there is only the "dsp" file for VisualStudio instead of "sources" file and "makefile"
    in the source of SnoopyPro.

    Can we build these drivers by using VisualStudio?

    I tried to build that on VisualStudio 6.0 and VisualStudio.NET 2003 , but
    it ended in failure. Of course, "e:\NT5 DDK\inc"/FI"e:\NT5 DDK\inc\warning.h" of usbsnoop.dsp
    was changed into my settings.

    Would you teach me the version (VisualStudio, DDK) and setup of the software for
    carrying out build?

    Best regards.

    • rob

      rob - 2007-07-26

      this the contents of the build_env.txt file I hope to add to the CVS soon

      Steps I took to create a build environment allowing me to change SnoopyPro, it is quite possible to change many factors here but YMMV.
      I did all this in a VMWare session but the process should be identical.

      Windows 2000 Proffesional - standard W2k should be fine
      Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise - only need Visual C++
      Windows 2000 DDK (Build 2195) - installed to C:\NTDDK - can not be later versions

      1: unzip source code into C:\SnoopyProSrc
      2: launch VC++ and load the C:\SnoopyProSrc\USnoopy.dsw workspace file
      you can Click Cancel and No to all the VSS messages.
      3: under Project/Settings with all components selected goto C/C++ and select Preprocessor, add ",C:\NTDDK\inc" to the "Additonal include directories"
      Then on the Link tab Input add "C:\NTDDK\libchk\i386" to the "Object/library modules:"
      4: copy the Debug folders so there is a Release folder in
      C:\SnoopyProSrc\USBSnoop\ C:\SnoopyProSrc\USBSnpys\ C:\SnoopyProSrc\USBSnpyV\ 5: Build the exe

      Windows 2000 DDK (Build 2195) can be found in the MSDN CD collection or requested directly from Microsoft


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