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Linking to this project

  • Miah Gregory

    Miah Gregory - 2002-08-24


    I'd like to link to this project, from the spca50x
    sourceforge project. However, the website at doesn't include
    much information for people not familiar with the

    I notice that in the documentation section of the
    project, there's some good information, but rather
    than link directly to that (bad netiquette), I'd
    like to link to your homepage directly.

    Could you advise as the best thing to do?

    Thanks in advance.

    Miah Gregory

    • Roland Bosa

      Roland Bosa - 2002-08-26

      I personally think you should link to the sourceforge project entry page  ( and then people can take it from there...

      "But that's just my opinion, I might be wrong..." (dm)


    • Miah Gregory

      Miah Gregory - 2002-08-27

      No, that's fair enough, I'll do that.

      I've also been trying out SnoopyPro, and it seems really quite good.

      A couple of issues I've noticed are:

      Trying to snoop some devices almost always results in windows thinking that the device is malfunctioning, presumably due to some kind of timeout. usbsnoopy also used to do this.

      Although you can save the details out in binary format, it would be useful to also be able to save out in text format, similar to usbsnoopy. We use
      this feature a lot when trying to compare similar
      sets of output for differences.



      • Roland Bosa

        Roland Bosa - 2002-08-27

        To get a text view of the output do the following:

        select all the URBs of interest (I think CTRL-A should do the job, IIRC), Copy (CTRL-C), fire up NotePad/Write/MSDev and Paste there... If URBs are expanded at the time of copying, they will appear expanded in the text paste. Then save the text file.

        But I realize that saving as text would be a nice option. (I'm gonna put in a feature request for 'Export as text')...


    • Miah Gregory

      Miah Gregory - 2002-08-31

      Ah, thanks. As you say - saving as text would be
      nice, especially when you save an expanded view of
      a video streaming session. :-)

      Thanks for your help Roland.


    • James Bates

      James Bates - 2002-12-11

      I like the newer PRO version over the original USBSnoopy in that it doesn't seem to hog as much disk space when tracing USB camera output.

      I did notice that nothing appears in the LogView until Stop is pressed, so, I added a button to the left of the pause button (I moved pause, stop, and the hardwareID to the right) to update the display, just called:

      pDoc->UpdateAllViews(NULL, 1);

      simple enough.

      Where is the appropriate place to submit suggestions and recomendations?

      • Jean-Sébastien Valette

        Does the original first snoopy work with your cam ?
        BEcause this fork was created in order to deal with non standart driver and pro version doesn't handle them for now.

        • James Bates

          James Bates - 2002-12-12

          sorry, wrong thread


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