Snoopy stops snooping

  • Martijn van Oosterhout

    I'm trying to get a trace of the packets to and from my scanner and it works until the moment it starts scanning the page. It just stops. No matter what I do it doesn't come back. I have to close the program, stop snoopy, close it, open it, uninstall the filter and reset the device before it will start tracing again. Always at the same point.

    Is there some wierd packet it may be getting confused on? Is there some other tracer that might work? One of the threads mentioned the original snoopy, but I can't work out which one it is.

    Oh yeah, is it possible to start tracing a device without resetting it first?


    • Martijn van Oosterhout

      Ok, so I'm replying to my own post. According to some docs I found the point it dies is right where a USB bulk data transfer should start. How does snoopypro deal with these?

      Thanks again,


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